Web and Digital Media



A Google Map showing OIT and non-OIT labs across campus. Labs that are available to anyone on campus are in green. Labs that are departmental only are in yellow. Clicking on the icon brings up more information for the labs in that building. This information includes printing options, hours and websites.

Google Map


The Student Government Association approached OIT with the request we expand the map of computer labs we had at the time to include non-OIT labs.


I hired a student to go around campus to find non-OIT labs that may or may not be listed on websites. I created a Google map with layers to include the information. This allows students to bring the map up on mobile devices to see what lab is near by.

Building Maps of Lab Locations


Examples of some of the building maps I created showing lab locations with landmarks.


Patrons of the computer labs were unable to locate the labs in the buildings. Often, these are older buildings with different entrances.


I took building architectural layouts available from facilities and included information on where the lab was located on the floor.  Because these are the same maps used for showing fire exits in the buildings, patrons were used to reading this type of map.

Subs page


Screen shots of a shift substitution I designed with Paul Wilkinson, one of our system administrators.


Student Assistants were trying to swap shifts. The only way we had was to use email to send messages back and forth. They would then have to send a message to another email account to request permission. Each day, a list of open shifts was also being sent by email to SAs. This was confusing and inefficient.


I joined with a system administrator to design a shift substitution system. He created the database and the code for the subs, while I designed what we needed, did some of the code and worked out the logic. I presented our paper at a SIGUCCS conference. Believe in Magic: Creating a Shift Substitution System With No Budget


This system has worked very well for years. I have been able to update it as I need as we add or lose labs. We are currently looking at a revamp as the system is getting older. It made substitutions and posting shifts much easier. It allows an easy way to see the day’s current subs as well as searching for any variable in a sub we need such as taker, owner, lab, date, taken shift, open shift, etc.

LM/SA design

Screenshot LM page2


Lab Services has web pages set up for Lab Managers and Student Assistants to help them find important information and keep up-to-date on announcements.

Desktop Backgrounds


Desktop backgrounds now being used by Lab Services. Logos for events are often provided by departments. I will take their requests and include our branding, changing layouts and other items as needed.


Lab Services had the same desktop background for many years. We realized patrons were ignoring the information on it about logging off the computers and where to save files. The original back ground had been designed by a system administrator. I am now designing the backgrounds.


Because we have someone else designing the backgrounds and they have been updated, we were approached by different groups to advertise their needs on the desktop backgrounds. We are now doing this. These are examples of some of the backgrounds I have done for the desktops.


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