Student Assistant Guide


A link to the guide for Student Assistants in the OIT computer labs covering employment responsibilities, software support and more.

Examples of what’s in the guide:

Resume and Social Media Training


Two examples of the training I have done for Student Assistants on resume writing and social media networking. These training sessions combine presentation, discussion, and a workshop where SAs can bring in their resumes to get advice on how they are written.

Student Assistant interview and New Hire Training Quizzes


In order to improve the quality of students we hire as well as better train our current students, I have created a number of quizzes covering software, customer service and other topics covered in our training sessions for new employees.

SA Quiz Training through Blackboard


To prepare our Student Assistants for more responsibilities and to help them be more helpful for our patrons, I have recently begun a program to encourage students to take training. I have a group using Blackboard that the students belong to and can access a playlist of required and recommended training material.


Role Play for Student Assistant Training


Periodically, we will do mass training sessions for our students that involve discussion and role play. Below are some examples of the role play scenarios I have used for training Student Assistants.

Photos used in Training sessions


Several years ago, I created a training handout for Student Assistants that included photos showing the topics we were going to cover. Below are examples of some of our training photos.


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