Social Media

OIT Departmental Twitter and Facebook


OIT has a Twitter and Facebook account for social media. OIT did not have a Twitter presence other than using it as a way to tell users when a service was down or back up prior to me advocating to take over the account. I am not responsible for all tweets other than the status items for services being up and down. When we wish to do Instagram posts, we send posts to the UTK main Instagram feed. Twitter is our primary way to communicate with faculty, staff, and students on campus via social media. After COVID-19, we stopped using Facebook as much and have also switched to a more serious tone on Twitter.

LinkedIn and Facebook groups

social media for UT Computer Labs a group of current and former Student Assistants



During the Great Recession, Student Assistants were having a difficult time finding employment after graduation. I created a private LinkedIn group designed to allow current and former Student Assistants to connect with each other for networking. This group also gives a place to post jobs that may be of interest to recent graduates. This group also makes keeping in contact with former student assistants easier for me. It allows them to connect with me on LinkedIn so that if they need a reference or a background check, I am able to keep up-to-date with what they have been doing.



Many former Student Assistants wanted a way to remain connected to UT that was more personal than what was originally available by the University. I created a Facebook group (and later the LinkedIn group) for current and former students to connect with each other. The Facebook group is used for announcements that may be of interest to our current and former students as well as information on some of the fun things UT or OIT is doing.

Twitter for First Year Studies 101


In my First Year Studies 101 class, I have found that many freshman are uncomfortable participating in class discussions. Combining an introduction for my students on how to create a personal brand and a professional social media presence for themselves, I required them to begin posting under #UTKFYS101 about class on Twitter. Many of the students who were quiet in class became very outgoing with their Tweets. We used the semester to combine the class participation grade of Tweets with our scavenger hunt project, which got students familiar with buildings and services on campus. The students felt like this approach was a success.

Some examples of the students’ Tweets:


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