Cards and Postcards


I approved the final design and created the copy for the postcard. The images and overall look and feel were using a design developed by members of the Instructional Development and Training group for items from OIT geared towards students. Meg Erlewine in that group created the postcard using my copy and following my direction on what we needed.


We had a need to advertise the Presidential Court 113A computer lab. Many students do not know it is in the building. We had a very limited budget. We decided to give postcards to students in the dorms surrounding the Presidential Court building. We could not send a postcard to every student, but were able to put 500 postcards for a cost of $150 split between the buildings.


Usage statistics show that usage of the lab went up slightly after the postcards were put in the dorms. A plan is in place to increase the number of postcards distributed to students in the dorms as well as include signs advertising the lab.


One of the main ways we advertise to our students is to print small cards to attach to the monitors of computer screens. These cards are often approximately the size of a business card. These are examples of some of the cards I’ve created over the years.




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