I am often asked to present to First Year Studies classes. Students in these classes are freshmen and are not always excited to take the class. I need to catch their attention while teaching them the concepts that their instructors have requested me to teach them.


I began to use Kahoot. It is a free app available online. It allows me to create trivia games for students on LinkedIn profiles, resumes, presentations, or any of the topics I normally teach them. Because the app is a game, students enjoy playing it. I normally have small giveaways from winners, encouraging students to do their best in participation. What is great about Kahoot is also that most students have used it. It’s easy to use but even for those students who have not used it before, folks sitting next to them usually have and are more than willing to lean over and help a first-timer get onto the game. This enables students in the class to help each other out.


Instructors have requested me to come back to teach their FYS classes year after year. They tell me the students always enjoy the sessions and learn a lot.