2013 Commons Grand Re-Opening


The Commons underwent a major renovation in 2012 and re-opened in January 2013. I was tasked with coordinating OIT’s presence for the Commons in the Open House. We chose a Mardi Gras theme to include games, photo booths, and competitions. Each booth and competition was designed to showcase a specific technology that could be accomplished using OIT services. I designed the booths and recruited OIT staff to be barkers.

For the photobooth, I chose to showcase how to use Photoshop to create an “Old Timey” look to photos. I set up the booths, found staff to help take photos and created instructions for adapting photos taken on smart phones. We had a fishing game where contestants had to fish and each fish caught gave them an example of a phishing scheme to watch out for. Other games included an Angry Birds version of knocking down old diskettes advertising for the HelpDesk, candy stations for training groups, and more.

In addition, I coordinated with graphic designers to create street signs that would lead to each OIT booth showcasing the different services.


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